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Whether you are a student, established professional, or a retiree, self-improvement is always possible and can open up many doors to a more fulfilling life. This website consists of a developing collection of the large steps in my life, which I believe have contributed heavily to the person I am today and the person I am developing into. The entries are in the form of my personal experiences, but are also explained so they can be easily replicated to help facilitate your development.

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Since this is a chronological blog, I would recommend starting with the first entry, as the later entries always build upon the story started in the earlier ones.



Stop making yourself the victim and personalizing everything!

27/11/2009 09:20
It has happened to all of us. I was talking with some friends and left for a couple minutes to get a drink. When I came back, someone said “shhh…he can’t know about this.” Immediately I started thinking. What shouldn’t I know about? Have they figured out my secret? What should I do? The people...


Attitudes - How they make or break you

13/10/2009 17:37
We all have had a friend who has had a good job. It interests them, they enjoy it and through their salary, they can provide for their family currently and in the future. We all have had a friend who has had a bad job as well. They do not enjoy it and it is just done to pay the bills. They...


Finding a job that supplements your needs as well as the employers

17/09/2009 18:00
In a previous entry, Our Work Should Compliment Ourselves, I mentioned how we should have a passion for our work. Now before you start commenting about how work isn’t fun, I do not mean that you are jumping out of bed and speeding off to work every day (although if you are, great!). But rather,...


Progression of our dreams throughout our lives

30/06/2008 15:29
Do you remember being a child and being told that you can be anything you want to be when you grow up? An Astronaut, a doctor, pilot, professional soccer player or super model; it didn’t matter, everything was supported. But as time went on what people expected from you became more limited. Maybe...


Our Work Should Compliment Ourselves

19/06/2008 14:12
Every weekday the average worker spends eight hours at work. In total, it takes a little less than half of one’s alert life if one works full-time (40 out of 112 alert hours per week, which includes 8 hours of sleep per night). Our work life also has an influence on our personal life. Working late,...


Why do we do, what we do?

13/06/2008 11:21
In theory, this is a straightforward question with a simple answer for some and a difficult answer for others. The key difference between the levels of difficulty is how well you know yourself. Common answers might be, because I felt like it, because it was the best decision at the time, or because...


Life with Purpose

13/06/2008 10:02
Okay, if you have defined your purpose with me in the last post, you might now be saying, wow Ryan, that is great, but what does this have to do with "pursuing the dream?" Simply put, if you know exactly what you should be doing from just your purpose statement, yours must be much more defined than...


First Blog Entry - Finding Your Purpose

12/06/2008 16:10
For my first post I would like to start with what I consider the necessities. One year ago I was considering whether I wanted I should apply for an engineer development program with a company I had completed two internships with. I had enjoyed the work I had completed there, but it seemed to...